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Piano accompanist

Are you looking for a piano accompanist? I provide reliable, confident and supportive piano accompaniment for the following:

What makes a good piano accompanist?

I'm a performer myself so I understand the importance of a reliable accompanist. A good accompanist needs more than the ability to play the piano. It's a unique combination of listening and intuition. You also need trustworthiness, patience, generosity and a healthy sense of humour.

I'll match your phrasing, breathing and dynamics. Whatever speed you decide to go, I'll stick with you. Even if you make a mistake in live performance - and let's be honest, everyone makes mistakes sometimes - I'll respond instantly with minimum fuss and bother.

I'm an experienced sight-reader and can prepare most repertoire within a week or so. More advanced pieces will take more time to learn and may need a few weeks' notice.

Email me at any time at Or give me a call on 07551 623583 for a chat about what you need.